Children’s Forest, 3rd-4th grade:

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Wonders of Water, K-6th grade:
“Learning about bugs was very weird and cool. That was the most awesome and educational field trip I have ever been to.”

“I learned a lot, and I really liked that we got to draw what we saw on the walk. Thank you so much for teaching us about plants and animals in Tahoe.”

Jr. Botany, K-6th grade:
“I think Jr. Botanist is cool because you get to learn about things that we don’t learn in school. I think coniferous is an exciting word.”

“Thank you for teaching us Jr. Botany my class was amazed.”

Tahoe Basin Watershed Education Summit, 9-12th grade:

What was your favorite part of TBWES?
“Learning how to do all the different water tests and being in an outside¬†environment learning.”

“Doing actual real scientific research that will be used.”

Describe your TBWES experience
“An amazing outdoor learning adventure!”

“Fun, scientific, and the opportunity to have a first hand experience doing what scientists do.”

“An excellent experience for high school students of all ages, as well as an awesome opportunity to learn more about the environment.”